Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Wall Builders

The actual proposition is to build a massive monument, visible from space, to the political submission of the American people. Donald Trump's signature wall has no other practical use.

Once again, the question is whether the people can be corralled by the Master of Ceremonies and his full-spectrum media monopoly into reacting badly to their choreographed provocations. Do you remember "Migrant Caravan" 1.0 from last year? Obviously, it did not have the desired effect the first time. Pushing refugees on so-called liberal democracies is a tactic that the international troublemakers use to test liberal integrity and encourage the sorts of reactions that lead to illiberal movements. A privately-owned illiberal world is what the hijackers have always wanted. That is why ostensibly liberal information sources are crying crocodile tears for the demise of the elaborate confidence game they insist is democracy. In actuality, as privately supported and privileged entities, they don't need democracy.

As they have demonstrated countless times, the hijackers of humankind are interested only in a better grip. Despite that, we must be careful to not react like frightened animals; they count on that to feed their long-running reality show.

Be aware that the "Yellow Vest" smart mob is yet another ditty from the flying monkey catalog of designer interventions, which includes contemporary hits such as "#MeToo," "Brexit," "ISIS," and, of course, "Al-Qaeda." When it comes to "manufacturing consent," the God-contending totalitarian animus is quite serious about doing it all.

My best advice is to use your political capital to insist on a humane standard of living for everyone, including guaranteed access to housing, food, healthcare, and education. Collective generosity is less expensive and more effective than private charity. That is a problem only in the context of a predatory political system habituated to squandering taxpayer treasure on building walls everywhere.

Insist on an end to humankind's self-depredation in all its forms. We are not merely animals, nor "masses" to be herded, abused, and sacrificed on ideological altars. For investors who are truly interested in the well-being of others, the work to improve the world's standard of living will provide unprecedented opportunities and engender an abundance of good will. Please put your weapons away, permanently. There will always be a home here for benevolent capital. Enjoy more than you need as long as everyone else has enough.

As the world's standard of living improves, its population will stop growing and eventually find an optimal level. Likewise, the quality of environmental stewardship will improve with the standard of living. The relentless fear mongering on these and other topics serves only to confuse and dishearten. In actuality, the only topic that merits existential urgency is the age-old struggle for the political emancipation of the individual. Without that, we are permanently subject to information tyranny.

End the war on humankind, please, and perhaps we can learn to trust your voice again, this time as friends.

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