Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Unending Con

Political representation is, by definition, fascism. It is the foundation of an information control regime to bundle individuals into competing groups without actual access. A republic is a fascist construct, whether sticks get to vote for effigies or not.

It is the ultimate confidence game to persuade people to exchange their political sovereignty for popularity contests between professional confidence artists.

The President of Oz is correct to admit that the established information sources are worthless. He should know, they are partners in crime. I have a list of 40 sources of gaslight, from across the "political spectrum," that I look through every day. Even so-called independent progressive media is working hard to sell preposterous lies such as democracy being an unending journey to places like Big Oil and Facebook.

The approved "thought leaders" and "influencers" still write to the ignorance of a captive, information deprived audience. They act as if any time now, they will have the stupid stick situation under control again. They are saying that this has only been an unusual year, and they have intimidation and human sacrifice to permanently ensure their authority.

I was told once that "they always win." Perhaps, when it is their game, that is true.

Democracy is simply self representation with information parity. Unrealistic? That has always been the claim of the exclusive manufacturers of fake actuality.

By the way, regardless of my opinion of the idea, socialism is simply ownership of the means of production by the workers. The so-called socialist and communist movements of the 20th century ended up being unmistakably fascist republican interventions.

The born winners control the information in practically every country through control of the political process and information media. With that level of control, they can more or less invent the narratives they wish to impose on civilization. The unending story is about thwarting and punishing those of us who know what liberty actually is. This is the most sophisticated totalitarianism that money can buy; its myriad voices offer nothing of actual value for humankind.

"The Donald," of all people, was put in place to counter the information revolution. His job is to command the public's attention in an increasingly desperate bid to preserve the authority of the overarching power that dominates the world. Towards that end, he is essentially threatening to reverse the direction of the alleged "arc of the moral universe." The implicit demand is to accept what is offered, or else.

Now that this maliciously processed and canned reality can be seen for the mutating apparatus of a toxic parasite it is, humankind can liberate itself from choreographed oblivion. Sapient existence as cultivated on this planet couldn't be more dishonest and fruitless. Here, the fruit of human existence is the produce of the most lucrative private industry of all. That is the business of "God," the king of private property.

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