Friday, April 13, 2018

On Antisemitism, Deception, and Eretz Israel

In reference to the following dishonest neurotic harangue which was published recently in the Guardian: If you can't see antisemitism, it's time to open your eyes.

Perhaps Michael Segalov, tribe aficionado and news editor of Huck magazine, has never heard of a Roman nose, also known as an aquiline nose. He would have us believe that a street artist's tame depiction of humankind's contemporary Roman overlords is "antisemitism" equal to "full-blown Nazi," but presumably not the totalitarian criminal founders of the European Jewish state, such as the Irgun and the Stern Gang, which were actually enabled by the Nazis. Perhaps he doesn't know, as most informed people do, that actual Semites, such as the Palestinian people are "people of color" and as such, have little power in this world.

As for the blood libel accusations, read this sickening revelation from the Talmud, keeping in mind that a golem calf is a (presumably soulless) human baby, turned into dinner "by means of permuting language." Abracadabra.

The "powerless Jews" as "the canary in the coalmine?" If only it were possible for "His elect," the self-appointed owners and keepers of humankind, to feel ashamed for such stunning mendacity.

Of course, like his confederates in high places, Mr. Segalov prefers battling "light-hearted and funny" straw man "conspiracy theories" invented to ridicule their opponents.

By the way, this is not an endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn, who pledges to deliver "the new politics of hope" to his constituents. It should not have to be explained that in a representative democracy, public representatives are not supposed to be toadies tasked with delivering feelings. What people such as Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are actually offering is yet another runaround for the same old decaying game.

Yesterday, for Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, it was reported widely that amid the resurgence of the far-right, people are forgetting the world's worst genocide. Beside the fact that the so-called resurgence remains a carefully maintained mirage, despite relentless Israeli encouragement, humankind will never forget what that hyper-privileged tribe did to itself, over a mountain of 70 million corpses, for Israel. And we will not forget what it continues to do for the rest of the pie, most noticeably in Syria, through its proxies in Western capitals and black operations militias such as ISIS alike.

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